Best Haircut and Hairstyles for Men 2021

best hairstyle for men

Best Men’s Hairstyles For 2021

Men’s Hairstyling it’s going to come to a point where it’s going to be less precise and intricate and more on the grown out natural kind of vibe, and yes, of course, I do feel like this pandemic has had somewhat  of a subtle impact on this trend just men to barber shops not being open as a lot of us men were muscled into either buzzing our hair all off or you know just letting it grow out as I’m doing now but anyways, let’s go ahead and kick this thing off with

The buzz cut

buzzcut hairstyle

the buzz cut, of course, will be the shortest, most straightforward, and probably most masculine style to go with; however, if you want to add a little pizzazz  you can always color it with either bleach for a platinum look or die, which has become very trendy in recent years and if you’re not feeling the color 

High skin fade

high skin fade haircut

You can also get a nice high skin fade as this will add significant style as well the directional buzz cut is pretty cool for this. You would need your hair just a little more slightly grown out, and you would need to put some heavy product on there like gel or pomade to hold it down. And In place,

French buzz cut

French buzz cut

french buzz cut hybrid is a blend between the french crop and the buzz cut very stylish for those of you who don’t have the guts to, you know, go full buzz cut, or you could also go for the spiked crew which is a nice look as well concise yet very stylish. 

The messy french crop

The messy French crop haircut style

the messy french crop with a low fade french crops are not as popular as they were a couple of years back; however, this version of  the French crop is a little dumber downed and, you know, not as bizarre-looking giving you a more laid back masculine vibe

The short low fade

The short low fade

The short, low fade is a great go-to look that will always be around for those of you with black hair. You really can’t go wrong with this now, going just a little bit longer. 

Messy classic crew

the Messy classic crew

we’ve got a messy classic crew, which is a nice rugged look; however, if you want something a little more cleaned up

The modern crew

The modern crew haircut

The modern crew is floating to the top right now. I was rocking this myself earlier this year, and I loved it. The ivy league is also lovely. 

The crown

The crown haircut

the crown is, you know, a tad bit longer the tapered blowout is an excellent cut you really can’t go wrong with either very stylish short and choppy has always looked pretty good, and it’s a pretty effortless style this hairstyle try on oval face best hairstyle for oval face men

The long crew with a beard

The long crew with a beard

The long crew with a beard is probably one of my favorites. It’s another very masculine look, likely pretty close to a buzz cut as far as ruggedness goes. Try on best hairstyle for round face men

The fauxhawk

The fauxhawk hairstyle for men

the fauxhawk is making a little comeback as however, for this one, you want to keep things a little more on 

The messy side

The messy side hairstyle

the messy side letting the hair fall where it wants; by the way, if you’re looking to bleach your hair platinum this year, your hair should be no longer than this right here anything more extended, and it may start to look kind of feminine, however of course if the feminine look is your goal then go for it

Short and untamed

Short and untamed hairstyle men

best short hairstyles for men Short and untamed, this look is fantastic. In my opinion, it’s the perfect blend between rugged yet classy I guess you could say 

Bodied waves

Bodied waves haircut and hairstyle men

bodied waves are an excellent choice for those of you with wavier hair as well as

Ringlets with short sides

Ringlets with short sides hairstyles

Ringlets with short sides, this is a perfect look too, and for those of you with really curly or even black hair, you really can’t go wrong with that bald fade. Make sure with the bald fades or high skin tapers, don’t let the top get too long and out of control, as this can give you a special top-heavy kind of look. Just my advice

The messy sideburn fade

The messy sideburn fade hairstyle

the messy sideburn fade is a healthy look and is something that especially looks good on older dudes who are around their 30s 40s this haircut best medium hairstyles for men

or even 50s 

The low drop fade with a wavy quiff

The low drop fade with a wavy quiff

best long hairstyles for men the low drop fade with a wavy quiff is a nice gentleman’s look for dudes with wavy hair or if you want something a little more classic 

The classic quiff

The classic quiff hairstyles

the classic quiff you also can’t go wrong with either 

The low fade quiff

The low fade quiff hairstyle

the low fade quiff is another great one for guys with straighter hair, and this will highlight your facial features very nicely 

The messy waves with low taper

The messy waves with a low taper now are as modern as it gets. I dig this style a lot, and it’s an excellent choice for you guys with wavier hair as well as 

The wavy fringe

The men's wavy fringe hairstyle

The wavy fringe is another cool look; however, it does look best on more younger guys with chiseled faces. Just being honest,   the Biebs is bringing back. 

The messy bangs

The messy bangs hairstyle men

the messy bangs, however, this is another style that looks best on younger chiseled guys  as well for those of you with straightener medium length hair

The blow-dried side-swept

The blow-dried side-swept hairstyles men

the blow-dried side-swept will be an excellent look for you and will kind of give you that supermodel type appearance

The modern wave

The modern wave hairstyle for men

The modern wave is a classic that looks best, especially with a beard and black hair. We’ve got forward twists in recent years. Twisting has taken off like a rocket, but recently forward turning has been a very distinct look and something you may want to try out moving on.

The finger-combed

The finger-combed men hairstyles

the finger-combed look is something that will never go out of style as it gently disrupts that super clean kind of gentleman’s face in the right way, of course 

The classic off-centered part

The classic off-centered part hairstyle men

the classic off-centered part is something that looks great for those of you who are in the process of growing out your hair

The controlled bed head

The controlled bed head hairstyle

the controlled bed head is another style that has never gone out and looks good, especially on more youthful faces, and we’ve talked about this for a while 


mens Undercut hairstyle

we know undercuts are pretty much entirely out of style; however, if you can’t seem to get rid of your undercut, at least go for a more slick back approach, so the undercut doesn’t look so drastic, and as far as

Slick backs 

Slick backs hairstyle

Slick backs go classic; the smooth end is a very great look that gives off a very rough and rugged presence.

The overgrown back

The overgrown back hairstyle men

The overgrown back is another nice one, especially for those trying to skip the awkward stage while growing it out. This definitely disguises that awkward look. 

The messy quiff

The messy quiff haircut

the messy quiff is a nice sexy look that women like and prefer on men something every man should try out once in their life 

The long-haired pomp

The long-haired pomp on top hairstyle

the long-haired pomp is making its way to the top right now as it’s a great alternative look when having long hair as well as 

The long-haired quiff

The long-haired quiff haircut style

the long-haired quiff, which is a very similar style just more shapely and voluminous, and if you’re not feeling  the volume, you could also go for you know 

The comb-over

The comb-over mens hairstyle

the comb-over as it’s a nice look for those of you with longer hair as well 

The natural mid part

The natural mid part men haircut

The natural mid part for this look it’s pretty effortless. You may just want to add in some sea salt spray after the shower and let it air dry again here 

The long classic quiff

The long classic quiff hairstyles

the long classic quiff is a great choice to roll with, for you know, my with long hair that is looking for something sophisticated and late-night ready to achieve this all you would need to do

It is blow dry it up and back and then use some pomade to lock it in, or you could just let it naturally do its thing. 

Long and wavy hairstyle men

Long and wavy hairstyle men

this long and wavy look is a style that will never go out and looks great, best hairstyles for curly hair men in my opinion, however, you know for those of you who don’t have wavy hair like this 

The long curls

The men long curls hairstyle

The long curls is not a bad look either, and maybe something you want to, you know, try going for 46. Suppose you’re on the opposite end and have very straight hair. Try throwing that sucker just back. This is a look that my buddy Luca Santangelo goes for, and it. Looks great, as you can see

The half-man bun

The half-man bun hairstyle

the half-man bun is something that will work in 2021 as man buns aren’t really as popular as they once were, the half-man bun provides you that kind of in-between look that works 

The off-centered part

The off-centered part hairstyle

the off-centered part is excellent and looks best with a beard, as you see here, and my personal favorite 

The ear tuck

The ear tuck hairstyle men

The ear tuck, which I’m currently trying to grow my hair for the ear tuck, is coming back more vital than ever for men and the more extended ear tuck. Either way, the ear tuck is a nice look that’s

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