The 5 Best Shampoos for Men By Hair Type 2021

best shampoo for men in India

Shampoo is a part of our everyday life.

If you do not apply shampoo to hair every other day, then something looks incomplete. Shampoo removes excess sebum and dust from the hair. It also helps in making hair soft and scalp healthy.

But, is any shampoo right for hair washing? If i’m asked, i will be able to say no. as an example, soap is chosen to be consistent with skin type, In the same way, shampoo should also be selected according to the kind of hair.

If the hair is very dry and tangled and washed with a shampoo made for oily hair, it will not be less than an accident. this can create hair a lot of dry and lifeless.. Breakdowns may also occur.

Most people choose shampoos only after viewing the advertisement or on the recommendation of friends. But my advice is not to do this at all. If this is done, then this work can become the cause of the problem. So always choose a shampoo according to the type of hair.

Therefore, in this article, we will give you information about five shampoos coming in the budget You can also make hair healthy and shiny by choosing these shampoos according to the type of hair.

Why is it important to wash hair with shampoo?

The main reason for using shampoo is to remove unwanted dirt from the hair. The same dust contains natural oil (sebum) from the roots of the hair, dust, dirt, dirt, dead skin, and heavy air metals.

All these things come together to form a sticky layer around the roots of the hair, due to which it becomes very difficult for us to take care of hair. If this condition persists for a long time, hair not only starts causing excessive loss and breakage but also can cause baldness / melting pattern baldness.

How does shampoo clean hair?

Shampoos are usually made by mixing surfactants, mostly sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium Laureth sulfate. Together with these two, Cocamidopropyl bite is added to the water as a surfactant.

The shampoo contains sulfate, which acts as a surfactant, besides it has a soap base that helps remove oil and grease from the hair.

1. Shampoo For Dry Hair

Dove Dryness Care Shampoo

Dove is a well-known manufacturer of skin and hair care products. This Dove shampoo contains 1/4 volume of moisturizing milk. This shampoo helps in protective the hair from status by maintaining wetness. the corporate claims that the employment of this shampoo will scale back hair loss up to ten times. 

2. Shampoo For Oily Hair

Biotique Bio Green Apple Fresh Daily Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner

Biotic Bio Green Apple Fresh Daily Purifying Shampoo & Conditioner Oily is the perfect shampoo to remove hair problems. Oily scalp often has dandruff or dandruff problems.

This biotic shampoo claims to overcome this problem effectively. When used regularly, this shampoo reduces excess oil from the hair and does not tamper with the hair’s natural pH level.

This shampoo has the qualities of green apple, almond, aloe vera, and Retha. This shampoo cleans hair and scalp skin well. The antioxidants found in green apples maintain essential nutrition in hair.

3. Shampoo For Thin Hair

Dove Rejuvenated Volume Shampoo

There is also a high possibility of breakage of thin hair in thin and textures. If people with such hair are careless, they can easily get the problem of male pattern baldness or baldness.

Like the skin, your hair also changes over time. Protein and lipids are reduced in hair. With time, hair starts to look thinner and weaker. It can also be considered the first sign of loss.

This shampoo from the Dove Advanced Hair Series works very well on thin-looking hair. Conditioner should also be used after using this shampoo. Better results can be found in no time.

4. Shampoo For Wavy, Thick Hair

TRESemme Smooth and Shine Shampoo

Everyone wants thick hair. But if the hair becomes thicker than necessary, then it becomes a problem. Some people have curly hair, and they often face the same problem with a similar situation.

Biotin is found in Tresme Smooth and Shine shampoos. Biotin is a protein that is very important for maintaining the health of the hair and the skin and nails. This shampoo cleans hair easily. Also helps to keep them soft and uncluttered. Those with curly hair must try this shampoo.

5. Shampoo For Colored Hair

L’Oreal Paris Color Protect Shampoo

Some color kits recommend using special shampoos. But some shampoos are well accepted for use on colored hair. If you get hair dyed, then L’Oreal Paris’ Hair Expertise Color Protect Shampoo should be used.

This shampoo not only nourishes the hair but also protects it from external influences. On the other hand, this shampoo’s special color protection formula keeps the colour in the hair for a long time.

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