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When it comes to the beauty of any girl, there is definitely talk about her hair. When you go to a parlour or salon to style or cut your hair, it is not enough just to know how small or how big you are. You also need to know the shape of your face before doing any haircut or styling. This will make your easy hairstyle for wedding function look better. Do you think that if your forehead is a little bigger, it should look bigger or your face should look more round? Bringing your best features to the forefront is the secret to looking beautiful. Renowned cosmetologist, esthetician and founder of Alps Cosmetic Clinic, Director Bharti Taneja is telling you which hairstyle will look good on your face or what is the shape of your face and what hairstyle will look good on it.

Hairstyle For Oval Shaped Face

Hairstyle For Oval Shaped Face

The best hairstyle for oval face shape This is an ideal face and this shape is considered to be the perfect face shape. Any hairstyle on such a face can be done to your liking. Your face is for experimentation. If you want to get an AG crop haircut, do it without thinking. You can carry any style like layers bangs, blunt in big or short hair very well. You can also experiment with pony and colours for hair styling. With all the styles like French Knot, Messy Bun, Dutch Bread and Side Pony, you can highlight your facial features very beautifully and on the other hand you can also get a new incarnation by doing a new style every day.

Hairstyle For Round Shaped Face

Round Shaped Face hairstyles

The length and width of such a face is the same and the space around the ears and cheeks is very large so you need a short haircut to make the face look a little taller and thinner. Shoulder hair cut in soft layers is good for this face. You can also blow dry in inward curls. Next you can make your face a little taller by making a slightly higher puff or you can also reduce the cheekbones by placing flips on both sides of the cheeks. If gathered, do not cut very fine hair on a round face. Straight box fringe and blunt cuts do not look good on a round face. If you cut your hair very fine, a pixie cut with lots of chops and spike layers will look good on your face. Don’t tie your hair into a tight and sleek ponytail, leave some hair a little loose on the front side that can look good on your face.

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Hairstyle For Elongated Shaped Face

hairstyle for Elongated Shaped Face

This face usually looks like an oval face but is slightly longer. Such faces need a hairstyle that will increase its width by lengthening it. Low-sided bun or non-parting French hairstyles also beautify this face. In addition, a razor or feather cut also beautifies the face.

Hairstyle For Square Shaped Face

Hairstyle For Square Shaped Face

The forehead and jaw lines are generally the same in this face. So the waves given below the ear lighten the width of the jaw a little. Apart from that Colors, Macy Bun, Short Spikes Cut is the perfect choice for the face. You can divert attention to your jaw by making a long flick or bob around the chin. Too short hairstyles will make your facial features look too bad and the square shape will still stand out.

Hairstyle For Heart Shaped Face

Hairstyle For Heart Shaped Face

Top Knot looks very beautiful on such a face. Center flick and center parting are also suitable for such faces. Slightly larger curls or flicks on both sides of the cheek (which will not cover the chin) look good on the face and the face looks oval. If the center parting breaks into the course, your forehead gets noticed and large hairs without face framing layers show thin chin extensions so it is best to stay away from this.

Hairstyle For Diamond Shaped Face

Hairstyles for a Diamond Face Shape

Such a face needs to add more volume. You can cut such hair in this type of layer. This makes your hair look thicker and your cheekbones less visible. Multiple layer cuts and disconnection cuts are also good options for such a face and its length can be taken care of properly. Depending on the size of the face, small flicks may appear and a new style may appear on the face. Along with face-framing layers, the shoulder-length style also looks good on this face. Fringe and girly brides are very good styling and if your features are very prominent in it, it helps to soften it.

easy hairstyle for wedding function

Hairstyle For Hair Cutting Styles

Everyone knows exactly what will look good on you according to your taste. Some girls always keep their hair long, while some girls prefer short hair. Whether you have long hair or short hair, this is your choice. But you have to make sure that the hairstyle you wear looks good on your face. Do not follow the instructions of the hairstylist or hair cutter. When you go to a salon, never pretend that you like the style you see in the haircut book and that you have come up with a haircut. This can lead to very bad experiences.

Hairstyles For School-College Girls

Hairstyles For School-College Girls

When you are in school or college, you need a hairstyle that can be tied up and look stylish in the shortest amount of time. Such hairstyles have as many hairstyles as braids, bun or loose hair. You can also do a hairstyle like this video.

5 school hairstyles for curly hair

best school hairstyles for medium hair

best school hairstyles for medium hair

school hairstyles for long hair

school hairstyles for long hair

school hairstyles for short hair

school hairstyles for short hair

10 easy hairstyle for wedding function











Hairstyle For Working Women

The office is the place where you spend most of your time. The most important thing you need to look presentable in the office is to have a perfect look. Whether it is your dress or your hairstyle, it should look right. So you should try different hairstyles, which will make you look different even in the office. You will also feel a little different. You can also try out the hairstyles shown in this video.

Hairstyle For Party

The hairstyles you need to go to the party should be trendy and a bit stylish. Nowadays, most of the girls style their hair from the parlor to go to the party. But if you want to style your own hairstyle for the party, you can easily style it by watching this video.

Front Puff style / front look designing

The front puff designer look is currently in vogue. Side Victorian Curls, Front Curl Twisting is currently trending and you can definitely try this hairstyle. Many girls also love making a cascading wave on the front. Also, by giving a little elevation on the crown area, your thick face can be given a slightly thinner look. Designing the front look can make it taller by making a puff on the crown area.

Wedding Hairstyle And Braids

The garland adorns every bride and brings splendour to her beauty. easy hairstyle for wedding function Gajra is a great option for Indian brides to appear at weddings. Hairstyles can be done at a wedding with a garland or any jewellery that looks like a garland. If your hair is short, you can style your hair with extensions and braids. There are a lot of braids hairstyles for long hair as there is a bread trend right now. Also, a side bun is in fashion, in which you can create curls and use them as side buns or show curls in a tiara look.

Braid Styles And Tips

Designer braid hairstyles are currently trending in fashion. Massey Bread, Fish Tail, Curl Crown Breads are currently in demand. Now, instead of wearing traditional braids, the trend is to design short hair with extensions and braids on the front side. In addition, the fashion of side bun is also very popular at present. In which curls can be created and used as a side bun or curls can be shown in a tiara look. If you have short hair and want to braid, you can watch this video and braid it accordingly.

Methods To Make Ponytail

Ponytail is a very common hairstyle, but you can get a very beautiful look by twisting it. For example, braided ponytail, curly side ponytail, fringe low ponytail, double ponytail, high ponytail are all hairstyles you can do. When making a braided ponytail, you have to make a simple ponytail and then make bread. So curly side ponytail is very easy to wear. For that you have to put the pony on one side.

Wearing A Bun

Ambada is a special way of making hairstyles for women in our Indian civilization. Ambada is now counted in hairstyles. In this article we are going to tell you many ways to build a bun, but if you want to see a bun in this video, here are three ways.

Open Hair Styles

Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings. There are many hairstyles that you can do easily with or without pins. Such hairstyles happen very easily.

Twist Back Hair Style

Twist back hairstyles can also be perfect for you. For that you have to cut your hair in two. You can twist it from the front of the hair and take it to the back of the face and then fix the hair with a ticktack clip. The hair should be taken in the same way in the other part and this look gives you a very elegant look.

Wet Wavy Hair Style

Apply gel to the front hair and set them neatly so that the front hair does not look sticky at all. Then apply gel and water to all the hairs in one length then apply cap cap roller and leave the hair intact for some time. Remove these rollers after 1 to 2 hours. After that, your hair will look wavy and giving a weight look will keep the hair shiny and its color will last for a long time.

Half Open Braided Bangs

Half loose hair with braided bangs gives your look a glamorous touch. Take the front few hairs and braid them and the back half of the hairs with a clutch. This style gives you a new look.

Disconnection Style

In this style, the hair is kept short at the top so that the bounce appears on the forehead and the hair is kept longer at the bottom. This mis-match of hair is called disconnection style. This hairstyle looks good on everyone and gives you a trendy look by keeping the length of your hair neat.

Reverse Veg Style

This is a hairstyle like singer Rihanna with short hair on the back and long hair on the front. With this hairstyle you can look young and slim.

Demagic HairCut

If you want to have a hairstyle with long hair, you can cut 3D Magic Hair. In this your upper hair is shorter, your lower hair is longer and your middle hair is in the usual length. It shows three types of dimensions. This cut makes long hair look bigger and thicker. This style gives you a smart look. If the hair tips are colored, the beauty of this haircut looks even more uplifting. The magic of the 3D Magic Cut stands out on both modern and traditional clothing.

Corporate Bun

If you want to make your look classy, ​​Bun Hairstyle is a great option. You can carry this hairstyle on any outfit. For this, first of all you have to untangle the hair and set it gel so that it sticks easily. Then divide the finger on one side and sprout the finger on the front and pull back all the hair and tie the bun and then fix in the bob pin. Decorate this hemp with stylish accessories to give it a light fashionable touch and then set it with colorful pins.

Half Bun

Nowadays half bun hairstyle is in trending. To do this you need to take the middle part of the hair and tie a bun at the back and leave the rest of your hair as well as loose.

French Roll

If there is a special meeting in the office, it is enough to do this hairstyle. All you have to do is wrap your hair and pin up. For this, you have to take all the hair aside and comb it together. Then put bobby pins and rubber on the bottom. Hold the hair in place of the rubber band and then comb it. Now twist the side to the side where you have gathered the hair. Just like if you take the hair from left to right, bring the hair down and roll it from right to left. Roll from the bottom to the top and then pin up the hair with bobby pins.

French Knot Bun

The first side partition is done to divide the hair and also the year to year parting is done. Now take the hair from the side where there is more hair and then add French braid and take the hair back from the side. The hair on the other side should be mixed with the French and brought to the side and then rolled together. To match the French knot made on the back, match the dress with matching accessories. This hairstyle is perfect for every party as it looks stylish as it is tied on both front and back.

Sleek Bun

Hair styling products have to be used in the hair for a wet look. In fact, hair gel is best for this type of look. To give your look a sleek style, the hair needs to be neatly tied and it does not have to be constantly on the face. For this, first of all, the hair should be combed and gel set so that it sticks easily. Then make a side partition, make a finger bud and then take back all the hair and fix it with a bob pin. Stylish accessories or colorful pins should be set on this hemp to give it a light fashionable touch.

Side Rolls Bun

This hairstyle is very good for long hair. In this, each hair should be curled with the help of curling rod but before curling, gel should be applied in it so that the curls remain. If your hair is thin or short, you can also add artificial braid rolls to your hair. Now make a side partition and take the hair on one side and twist these curls and stick them on the inside. You can also use colorful hair extensions for a funky look.

Messy Bun

Whether it’s a Macy Bun hairstyle party or a candle light dinner, it looks great everywhere. Best of all, you don’t have to go to a parlor to get your hairstyle done. This hairstyle is very easy to do. For this you need to curl your hair first. Then take one curly braid and pin it back. After pinning up all the hair, the accessories should beautify them. If your hair is thin, donut it first.

High Bun

This hairstyle is very simple but very simple and comfortable to do. You can use this hairstyle on saree or for any traditional or stylish look. To do this you just need to pin up your hair by tying a bun on a crown area.

Side PonyTail

This hairstyle is a great option for a simple look. Yes, side ponytail makes your simple look very stylish. If your hair is naturally curly, you need to put a rubber band on one side, if your hair is very straight then you can color your hair. To make a fringe low ponytail, cut the hair in two, then braid the bottom first and then make a crown with the help of other hair. Don’t forget to comb your hair to give it a fringe look. That way, you can get people to appreciate your new style.

Curly Side PonyTail

Of all the ponytail styles, many girls love the curly side ponytail. Curly side ponytail jeans look great on both tops or salwar-kameez. To do this you need to curl your hair. To tie the curly side ponytail, the hair should be pulled aside and covered with a rubber band. Don’t forget to apply hairspray or gel on the hair as this ponytail looks much better in a sleek look.


If you don’t want to leave your hair loose, a fishtail hairstyle is right for you. This hairstyle looks very stylish. This hairstyle looks great on any dress. Whether it is modern or Indian, a classic fishtail hairstyle is very beautiful to look at. To tie this you have to split your hair in two. Take a very thin layer on the right side and mix it in the hair on the left side. Also take a thin layer on the left side and mix it with the hair on the right side. In the same way, keep braiding on both sides. Doing so will create your fishtail. You can enhance the beauty of your face by placing this braid on the front side.

Twisting Roll

We have taught you how to wear a fishtail. In the same way you part your hair on the front side and then twist the hair on the right side and bring it back. Then twist the hair on your left side in the same way and bring it back. You can then braid the twisting rolls by twisting the hair on both sides. If you want, you can also use a second color hair extension between the two, which will make your look even better.

Side Twist Roll

First give the hair a straight look by pressing and then take the next hair through and make a puff. Apply second color hair extensions on all four sides of the puff. After inserting the hair extensions into the hair, put a twisting roll braid on one side. The hair is then side parted and then a large ponytail is placed on the neck leaving the next few hairs loose and then curling all the hair with a curling rod. Pin up the back by twisting the loose hair left on the front. Wear a ponytail or your favorite hair accessories.

Half Crown Braid

To make a half crown braid hairstyle, braid on both sides and then pin up with both braids on the back. Then you can wear this hairstyle on both modern and traditional outfits whether you wear a pony or tie a bun.

Floral Braid Bun

Tie a bun and put a garland on it in such a way that your bun is covered with a garland. Remember, if you want your garland to stay in your bun for a long time, first tie the hair tightly with a bobby pin. Apply hairspray on it. Beats style flowers planted on a braid are enough. This gives it an attractive look.

Tamil Bridal Braid

For a bridal look, first of all, untangle the hair and iron the hair. Then apply hairspray and braid. Then turn around in the direction of the crown area and pin up. Curve all the hair with a hot roller. Now remove a section of hair from one ear to the other and add a braid through it. You can also decorate this braid with fake hair that you can find in the market.

Ruffal Braid

Apply flexible hold spray in the hair and bring all the hair near the crown area and then pin up by pressing on the front side. Give the hair as much height as possible. Then cut the back hair in two. Now braid these two parts in two sections. Complete the braid by mixing one part with the other. The second braid should be tied in the same way. Apply hairspray on it so that the braid lasts longer. Chris-crossing style garlands with braids also look great. If you feel like it, you can also use this style for your bridal look.

Bubble Braid

Leave some hair on the front side and curl the rest of the hair with hot rollers. Now lightly twist the front hair with the help of a brush near the crown area (middle of the forehead). (Make sure that the parting of the hair is not visible on your front side.) Gently press the front side and attach the pin. Apply hair pins by pressing from the back to the front. You can remove the thin butt on both sides of the face for a soft look. Ponytail the rest of the hair on the back, put a bubble in it and then leave a little hair loose.

Goddess Braid

Thoroughly comb all the hair with a paddle brush and bring it to the crown area. Then pin up the hair and press on the front side. Then very carefully divide the hair into two parts and then twist one part to make a high bun. Hairspray from above to set. Put a simple braid in the second part and keep it on the front side. You can also use different accessories on this braid.

Ring Roll With Braid

Your hair needs to be long for this braid. The first thing to do is to comb the hair. Then tie their high ponytail and then split the back hair in two. The first thing to do for a bridal look is to iron your hair. Then tie the pony with hairspray. Then pin it up by turning it round near the crown area. Now make a braid by removing a section of hair from one ear to the other. Flowers will also look good on this braid.

Simple braid or Plated Braid

Comb the hair into three different parts. Thoroughly trim the three parted parts. Indian braid or its modern look which means what we call plates or bread, which has become world fashion now. This braid has a very high status in Indian culture. Hollywood and Bollywood actresses also follow this hairstyle. This hairstyle always looks good no matter what the season. This Indian braid is very beneficial especially on hot days.

Plate Parting Hair Style

First of all, tie the pony of the back hair by parting the ear to ear. Then leave the next hair flux and spray with back combing and make a puff. Then make five sections of pony tied hair. Make four rolls of four parts. Add eight thin strands in one area. Pin up while covering the rolls. Then cover the flick from the forehead and bring it back and pin up. Then use matching hair accessories to the dress. This hairstyle looks great not only at a wedding but also at any party.

Retro Curl Hair Style

First of all, tie the pony of the back hair by parting the ear to ear. Make a puff of front hair by backcombing. Then cover the forehead with a layer of back hair. Then curl the pony tied hair and decorate it with your favorite hair accessories. If your forehead is a little big, this hairstyle will look great on you. You can go to any party with this hairstyle.

Braided Bun Hair Style

Year to year parting should be done. Make a puff by combing the front hair back. Divide the back hair into three sections and add three strands. Roll all these veins round and roll it. Use nice hair accessories in the middle of the bun. This way you can do hairstyles for some more unique western wear. You should try that too

Tizzed Hair Style

First of all, tie the pony of the back hair by parting the ear to ear. The next hair should be puffed by removing the box layer in the middle of the forehead and combing the rest of the hair back. Bockler hair should be done in 3 parts. The back hawk by twisting each part

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