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10 Things to know before you color your hair 

Nowadays the trend of getting hair color in men (guide) is becoming very popular. It helps cover the white hair, and secondly, it has become a fashion statement.

 But the method of coloring hair is not as easy as it seems. Do you know what color will suit you and whether its chemical will harm you?

What is said, your answer is no. No problem.

Today we have brought this article for you, in which you will know what should be kept in mind while doing hair color.

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Should a hair color be done by a professional?

How to color hair professionally This way would be better to learn knowledgeable professionals in this work because he knows what he is doing, which does not harm your hair. He will also advise on what color will suit you.

Results and side effects

Hair color spreads from the head to the neck and face while applying to hair. People always advise that whenever you get your hair colored, do a test before it. This shows that this color will not react at all and whether this color suits you or not.

 In the standard test, a small part of the hair I saw coloring it. Therefore, if your scalp’s color starts to irritate as soon as you apply the stain, then the color should be washed immediately.

Use of correct color is necessary.

If you are 25 or 40 years old, choose your color very carefully. Because during this time, aging starts, and hair starts to turn white. Do not choose too dark paint to cover these white hair, because if any older person applies dark black or dark color, then the viewers will feel strange. So always like your color smartly.

 Care after coloring

 Once the hair is dyed, it is imperative to take care of it. To keep the color lasting for more days, it should be used on the color brand’s shampoo and conditioner. If you use more harsh shampoos, then the hair color will quickly fly away.

How to Choose Hair Colour According To Skin Tone  

There is no harm in black hair, but there is an option to change them, so why hesitate to try it?

You can also change your hair color if you want.

Do not worry, the better you will feel on others.

You should know how to choose the hair color.

Hair color and skin tone

There is a profound correlation between hair color and skin color. Therefore, before coloring your hair, keep in mind the color of your skin. Skin tones are mostly classified into warm or cool.

Warm skin tones usually have a dark complexion, black or brown eyes. Shades of brown, burgundy, and red are considered suitable for such skin tones. If you have beautiful eyes and face light-skinned, then you can use golden and silver colors.

The skin tone of Indians is olive. Therefore, they can feel free to use the mentioned dark colors.

What hair color is in style for men in 2020?

The Variant Browns

The Variant Browns

brown hair color men are an excellent choice for all men and women. The brown color is considered a rich color, which acts to darken the warm undertones, causing the face to look full.

The best thing about a brown shade is that it is diverse to cover many types of skin tones. The dark brown chestnut does a great job with the Streak; Indians with a slightly darker face color can use rich chocolate brown hair color.

 Blonde Streaks

Blonde Streaks

 Blonde Streak is a perfect alternative. It should also be accepted for all skin tones. Best hair color for men Choosing a golden darker shade can match the skin tone.

 However, this color should be avoided with excessive use, as it looks highly unnatural. You can use less blonde streaks for an attractive look. If you have a fair complexion, you can use more blonde streaks, but do so only if you want to get that ‘first’ look!

 Adventurous Reds

 Adventurous Reds

The red color is perfect who have a fair skin color. Red color can make four moons. If you want a glamorous look, you can use red, burgundy, and golden hues.

 Shades of Burgundy and copper suit the youth more, while those of a slightly older age may opt for reddish-brown for classier appeal.

5 Tips to Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer

If your hair starts getting color fed within just a few weeks of applying hair color, then we are telling you the essential tips that after following the hair color on your hair will remain intact for a long time.

 Even after spending thousands of rupees in a Salon, there is no doubt that hair color does not last as long on our hair as we would like it to be. Within a few weeks of applying the color, the color starts getting fed from the hair. In such a situation, we tell you the essential tips, after following the hair color on your hair will remain intact for a long time.

Do not shampoo for 72 hours.

After shaving hair, you should not shampoo for a full 72 hours, i.e., for three days. The hair cuticle gets full time to lock the color to stay on the hair for a long time. Also, do not shampoo frequently every week. This (shampoo) is because more shampoo ends the natural oil of the hair and reduces the color molecules in the hair. So if your hair becomes oily or grizzly after not shampooing for 1 or 2 days, use a dry shampoo in the hair roots.

Use the right shampoo.

Instead of using regular shampoo after applying color to hair, use sulfate-free shampoo or use shampoos specially made for colored hair. Going a step further, you should use filtered water to wash your colored hair. The chlorine and chemicals present in the water will not reach the hair, and the color applied in the hair will remain intact for a long time. The most important thing is that you do not wash the hair with warm water because it ends both the color and the hair’s moisturization.

Use of conditioner before shampoo

 Usually, where we use conditioner after shampooing in hair, reverse it to keep the color lock-in colored hair, i.e., first apply conditioner to coat, then wash it with water, then wash hair shampoo and then with clean water Wash hair thoroughly. You will create a protective layer on your hair, and the color applied to the hair will last for a long time.

Protect hair from sun rays

Whenever you go out, always use a hat or scarf to protect the hair from the sun’s harmful rays. It will also prevent hair color from getting fed. Also, avoid using too much heating material while doing hair styling. Do not forget to apply coconut oil to the hair before going swimming in the pool.

Like all these things, you can learn to choose the hair color too.

So let us help you choose the perfect hair color for you.



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