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best hairstyle for face shape

Know What Face Shape You Have There Are 

the best hairstyle for your face shape you know that feeling when you go get a haircut to know exactly what you want because you saw a photo of it or your friend has the same exact hairstyle you get that cut and it looks terrible it looks nothing like the photo

it looks nothing like your friends best hairstyle and you just don’t know why well I know why everyone’s face shape is different and some hairstyles only look good in specific face shapes and today I’m gonna tell you how you can find the right hairstyle For Face Shape now before we begin if you want more hairstyle

face shape hairstyle

There Are Six Face Shape


Hairstyles For Oval Face Shape

Oval Face Shape Hairstyle Male

1 Oval Face Shape Hairstyle Male Oval: Narrow, With No Sharp Edges

The oval shape is when your face length is greater than the width of your cheekbones and your forehead is bigger than or wider than your jawline your jaw is more rounded instead of having a sharp angle basically an oval shape an egg shape no offense all right

the best thing about mens oval face haircuts is that it usually is symmetrical it’s a good shape to have which means that you have a lot more options for your hairstyles you should go for something shorter on the sides and short it on

the back and then longer on top and you should avoid having a fringe or any hair falling down your forehead because that makes you look less masculine more feminine because your face is gonna look even more rounded 

1) Pompadour Haircut
2) Side Part Haircut
3) Quiff Haircut

Hairstyles For Round Face Shape

Hairstyles For Round Face Shape

2 Hairstyles For A Round Face Shape Round: The Face Is Equal In Length And Width

the best hairstyle for round shape face man face length have a similar measurement  that rounds so you know you should go for shorter sides but not too short and definitely longer up top to elongate the face and do not get a buzz cut all right

that’s gonna make your head that looks super right and if you can I would suggest growing a beard alright that’s gonna add more angles to your jawline you know it’s gonna make you look way more masculine and strong

1) Side Part Haircut
2) French Crop Haircut
3) Pompadour Haircut

Rectangular Face Shape Hairstyles

 Hairstyles For Rectangular Face Shape

 3 Hairstyles For Rectangular Face Shape Rectangal: The Face Is Longer Than It Is Wide

your cheekbones your jawline they’re gonna be a similar size but from the top here to the bottom you’re gonna have a longer measurement than Most other face shapes this one is actually pretty easy to style

1) Pompadour Haircut
2) Side Part Haircut

Square Face Shape Hairstyles

Square Face Shape Hairstyles

4 Square Face Shape Hairstyles Square: Angular And Prominent

these square face shape this is when the angle of the jaw is sharp rather than rounded all right and the proportions are actually pretty even from side to side so your forehead your cheekbones and your jaw that’s creating the square a lot of guys actually want this space it’s a good face shape to have though because you can get pretty much any other

1) Undercut Hairstyle
2) Quiff Haircut
3) Side Part Hairstyle

Hairstyles For Triangle Face Shape

triangle face shape hairstyle

5 Triangle Face Hairstyle Triangle: Prominent Jaw Which Is Wider Than The Cheekbones

triangle face shape hairstyle the jawline of such a face is much wider than the forehead and cheekbone.

To maintain the balance of face and hair, the size of the hair around the head should be equal.

If the face is long, you can keep the trim shave. Those with round faces do not need it.

1) Textured Pompadour Haircut
2) curly top Haircut
3) quiff Haircut

Diamond Face Shape Hairstyles

diamond face shape hairstyle

6 Diamond Face Shape Hairstyle: Strong Jaw And Angular Cheekbones

A diamond face is very few people, in this kind of face, the jawline is very wide compared to the forehead. Therefore, to hide such a wide line, those with such faces should keep the front hair long till the ears and the back hair should be half against it. A clean shave look suits a person with such a facelift.

1) Messy Fringe Haircut
2) wavy side part.Haircut

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