How to cut your own hair with clippers and hair trimmer men self haircut & tips

own haircut men

Keep this in mind first

#1 Get the Right Clippers and Tools to Cut Your Own Hair

Need a few tools you’re gonna need a handheld me or something to see the back of your head, you’re also gonna need a pair of sharp scissors a comb.

The haircut isn’t all that complicated or difficult it takes a little practice if you have the right tools, though you can do and after I cut it I’m gonna style it.

#2 It’s better to cut your own hair wet

Your hair should be damp Wet Your Hair Make Sure To Get In The Back The Sides All Over when you’re finished towel dry once your hair is Kal dried grab your comb now what we want to do is actually get the majority of your hair up off of the sides

What I want you to do is to actually find where you normally part your hair find your part and get your hair out of your face and

Then On the opposite Side, Were Also Getting The Hair Off on The Side See You Section Of Your Hair You Basically Have the highest then You’ve Got The

Starting With The Number Four Attachment

Most hair cutting Clippers is going to come with five attachments
You also have micro-adjustments in the Clippers right here and so I am actually going to be starting with the number four attachment I don’t really know how long your hair

What I’m gonna do is start here on the side on the temp go up and fade out see how they do that up and out you’re pulling out not up and over up and directly you’re gonna go all the way up to your hair and then you’re also going to do the other side before you move on to the back.

3 Use a Dual Mirror Setup for Your self Haircut

After both sides grab your handheld mirror or Dual Mirror Setup and do the back now this takes a little bit of getting used to but honestly, it’s not that bad you just got to try

Number Three Attachment

Next up number three attachment and you’re gonna do The Same Thing, But rather than Going As High, You’re Gonna Actually Drop It Down a touch Bit Lower Remember. It’s All a few Fade Right To Here And coitus interrupts instead of going all the way up here, it’s a little bit lower and feathering there

Number two Attachment

Now I’m using the number 2 attachment right there right now some hair is starting to come off a little bit

Number one Attachment

Next up I’m going number one, but then I’m actually going to move the blade as far out as it’ll go all right now what I’m doing next? is actually just fading lower on like my sideburn temp area and then just at like the base of my neck now depending on how long your sides are you can stop at any point but I like it a little bit tighter and so I’m going number one blend it in with the beard up and roll it’s all about rolling the Clippers in order to get a nice gradual fade as opposed to like a hard-line

Next up before we get to the top I’m actually going to clean up around-ear and neck now for you guys out there that haven’t done this before

I would recommend getting your mom, your dad your girlfriend your boyfriend your husband, your wife, whoever to actually help because this can be a little bit tricky, but for me, I’ve done it before, so I’m gonna try to do it again just around the ears nice and low another side right there take your time there’s no rushing this

Top part haircut

Now the second part of this is the top your hair is dried out you want to make sure that you get it sort of damp again

Because it’s easier to cut up hair take the section right there you’re gonna pull it up with your fingers and then you’re just going to knock a few ends off depending on how much you want to take off right

Grab the section next to it right there and take your scissors, cut on top of your fingers next section all you’re doing is moving section by section over your hair alright

You start on the front and then what you’re going to do and start on the next section alright pull it up back there and just knock off the tips section over and up and knock off the tips it’s just a little bit and all you do is move section by section back your head so now we’re gonna go there start a little bit and just a little bit right there

It is one best hairstyle for men home haircut complete

Self Hair Styling PRO Tip

  1. Get the proper Clippers to chop Your Own Hair
  2. Utilize a Dual Mirror Setup for Your Haircut
  3. Trim Your Hair in Your Bathroom
  4. Choose the Haircut Style you would like
  5. Have Your Hair Tools Ready
  6. Dampen Your Hair Before you narrow It
  7. Get within the Right Position to chop Your Hair Properly








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