INDIAN Beard style that will change the look of your face

Indian beard styles

According to the face, the style of beard has its science. You don’t have to be a fashionista to learn it. In a short time, you will know how to get the right shave according to your face. You may also have many questions about keeping a beard, such as

1. Keep Short Beard or Long Beard

2. Medium Beard

3. French Cut

Style according to face shape

determining your beard style and that is your face shape alright guys so? As I said, an essential factor in deciding what kind of beard you’re going to rock is your face shape. It’s important because you want to accentuate your face shape but not exaggerate it if you have a very severe jawline or a very elongated face. These are all things we’ll get into what you’re going to want to work with what you have and make sure that you’re looking your best

Indian beard styles for Rectangular face

Indian beard styles for Rectangular face

Rectangle or an oblong face shape a little different than an oval it’s going to be more pronounced and how long it is, so what you want to do is soften the chin a little bit and add some width. I like a beard stache for this style of the face, or this shape of face reason being it allows you to round out the chin area and the jawline and not make it so pronounced and squared off so you can grow it out a little bit on the bottom here keep it clean and round it off. 

The mustache or a pronounced mustache is going to kind of divide the face in the middle and cut out some of that length, so it’s going to make it, you know, cut down the size a little but not make it look as elongated and give it a little bit of width by drawing some attention horizontally across your face somebody who does this well is addressing Ranveer Singh he can rock some great facial hair. If you look, he has a little bit more of a pronounced mustache and then keeps a nice clean rounded beard around the chin looks fantastic on him. 

Mutton Chops Beard

Gunslinger Beard

Chin Strip Beard

Chin Strap Style Beard

Indian beard styles for Triangle face

Indian beard styles for Triangle face

An Inverted Triangle is ubiquitous. This is where your forehead and your cheekbones are the widest part of your face, and then it comes to a pretty severe point on the chin. What I like to do here is to round off the chin and soften that area, so it’s not so intense somebody with a face shape like this can go for a little bit of a longer beard and give it a little bit of length, but round it off when you do keep I nice and clean keep it rounded that way it’s not coming directly to the point that can look good on some guys but

If it’s you know, like I said, exaggerating your jawline, it can kind of look strange, so I suggest a natural beard keep it clean a little bit longer, and keep it rounded somebody who you can look to with this face shape is YESH he’s known to get a little bit heavier of a beard sometimes he’ll keep it a little rounded here in the freight and front of the face nice and rounded on the bottom nice and beard looks fantastic on them.

Long Beard

Royal Beard

Medium Beard

Petite Goatee Beard

Indian beard styles for round face

A Round face shape now having a round face doesn’t mean that your chin list and it’s all awkward have a round face means that it’s proportionally round with something like this you’re going to want to bring more attention towards the center of your face not so much on the sides. You’re going to want to have something a little bit more full if you’re going to go with a five o’clock shadow, you’re going to get precisely that some awkward shadows. 

the chin the jawline area what I like for round face shapes is a circle beard

otherwise known as a goatee with a mustache or a scruffy goat, brings a little bit more attention here elongate your face a little bit, maybe have a little bit longer in the chin and then shorter up here up along the jawline will make that face a little bit longer and less round it out if you want to look for somebody who has a circular face shape or round face shape and pulls off some facial is pretty well and does a circle beard pretty often Amir Khan he is known to have either a goatee or even extended goatee where it starts to come up along as draw a line looks incredible on them

Van Dyke Beard

Short Boxed Beard

Balbo Beard

Anchor Beard

Indian beard styles for oval face

indian beard style for oval face

Oval face shapes consider yourself blessed because you can pretty much pull off any beard style. This is scientifically the most aesthetically pleasing face shape, and this is where you’re going to see a lot of celebrities and supermodels and whatever will have an old face shape.

it’s just symmetrically pleasing, and you can pull off pretty much anything; however I personally, on an oval face shape, I dig something spotless like a corporate beard, maybe even five o’clock shadow something nice and neat and tidy when you think of somebody with an oval face shape who can rock a great facial hair I think Shahid Kapoor he has done just about every type of facial hair that you can think of and they’ve pretty much all worked so he’s a case in point proof that only about anything works in a regular face shape 

Chevron Beard

3-Day Stubble Beard

Horseshoe Mustache

Original Stache

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