Exploring Aaron Judge's Iconic Hairstyles: A Look Through the Years

Curly Locks

Although he often keeps his hair relatively short, Judge's natural hair texture is curly, and when it grows out a bit, his curls become more prominent.


Cropped Cut

For a period, Judge kept his hair trimmed very short in a classic close-cropped style, which is a common look for many baseball players.


Buzz Cut

Judge has also been seen with a buzz cut, which is an even shorter hairstyle where the hair is trimmed with clippers, leaving a very short stubble on the head.


Faux Hawk

At times, Judge has styled his hair into a faux hawk, which involves slightly longer hair on top that is spiked or swept upwards, creating a subtle mohawk-like look.


Slicked Back


When his hair is a bit longer, Judge has been known to slick it back, creating a sleek, brushed-back style.