Stylish and Trendy 12 Best Hairstyles for Men and Boys 2024

Who Does Not Want To Maintain The Best Hairstyle For Men and boys And Get Good Looks? But Before Going To The Salon To Get A Hairstyle Set, A Question Comes To The Mind Of Most People. The Question Is Whether The Hairstyle I Am Going To Set Will Suit Me Or Not? Or Whether This Best Hairstyle Will Suit My Face Cut Or Not. Or What Is The Latest Trend Of Hairstyle? The Answer To All These Questions Is Very Easy.

If You Believe In Experimenting With Haircuts Then You Should Try Short Haircuts And Hair Trends. Therefore, In This Article, I Will Give You Information About 99+ Best Hairstyles for Men To Easy To Style Best Haircut Trend  Of The Year 2020.

Apart From The Best Hairstyles These Hairstyles Also Have High And Tight, Long Hairstyle, Textured Hairstyle, Clean-Cut, Buzz Cut, Crew Cut, Short hairstyle, That Suit Every Hair Types And Face Shape. In These Hairstyles, You Can Get Them Fed Or Tap As Per Your Choice.

Whether You’re Trying A Short Hairstyle, Longer Hairstyle, High Fade haircut, Or Textured Quiff With Straight Haircut, Pompadour, Curly Haircut or  Wavy Hairstyle, There Are So Many Variations Of Best Hairstyle For Men That You’ll Never Run Out Of Ideas

1. Medium Side-Swept Hairstyle

  • This classic hairstyle involves medium-length hair brushed to one side, creating a textured and slightly messy look. It’s perfect for men with thick hair that is between 2 and 6 inches long. The current trend in men’s hairstyles is the classic haircut with a medium side-swept look. Paired with a clean shave, this style is perfect for men with thick hair measuring between 2 and 6 inches in length. To achieve this look, simply brush your hair to one side, ensuring it remains textured and slightly messy. A classic hold product with low shine or a matte finish works best for this style.
  • Suitable for: Oval, square, and heart-shaped faces.
  • Styling Tips: Use a classic hold product with a low shine or matte finish. Simply brush your hair to one side, ensuring it remains textured and slightly tousled.

2. Short Textured Hairstyle

  • Ideal for wavy hair, this style features short, textured hair on top with a high fade on the sides and back. It strikes a balance between professional and casual looks.If you’ve got wavy hair, a brief short textured hairstyle with a high fade on the edges and back looks enough for the office, but still casual for an evening out. As a brief side, longer top haircut, you’ll need 2 to 4 inches of length on top that tapers right down to an in-depth bald fade on the edges and toward the nape of the neck. All you would like to finish the design and keep it amazing all-day
  • Suitable for: All face shapes, particularly round and oval faces.
  • Styling Tips: Maintain 2 to 4 inches of length on top, tapering down to a close bald fade on the sides and nape. Use a texturizing product to enhance the waves and keep the style intact all day.

3. Quiff Haircut

  • A top hair trend, the quiff is a medium-cut hairstyle with hair on top ranging from 4 to 6 inches. It adds massive volume and a stylish upward sweep.The Quiff Haircut is among the leading hairstyle trends of the year. This versatile style can be integrated into various men’s hairstyles and pairs particularly well with classic spikes. It features a medium cut with hair lengths ranging from 4 to 6 inches on top, providing significant volume and a prominent quiff.
  • Suitable for: Oval, square, and triangular face shapes.
  • Styling Tips: Use a strong-hold product to style the hair upwards and slightly back, creating a voluminous look.

4. Buzz Cut

  • The buzz cut is a classic, low-maintenance short hairstyle with high faded sides. It’s a popular choice for its simplicity and modern appeal.
    buzz cut is a staple in men’s short hairstyles and is extremely popular. It’s a modern, trendy haircut, ideal for those seeking a short style, especially with black hair. The sides are cut with a high fade, and pairing this cut with a full medium beard can enhance the overall look.
  • Suitable for: All face shapes and hair types, especially suited for men with strong jawlines.
  • Styling Tips: Maintain the sides with a high fade and pair the cut with a medium beard for a contemporary look.

5. Long Hairstyle

  • Long hair, typically between 12 to 14 inches, styled in a natural and relaxed manner. This style allows for various experiments and looks great with a clean shave. This hairstyle suits all face shapes but is not the easiest to style due to its length, ranging from 12 to 14 inches. Men with long hair and clean-shaven faces can achieve a fashionable appearance. Given the length, there’s ample room for styling experimentation.
  • Suitable for: All face shapes.
  • Styling Tips: Regular trims and proper hair care products are essential to maintain healthy and stylish long hair.

6. Crew Cut + High Fade with Full Beard

  • A high fade combined with a short crew cut on top, complemented by a full beard. This style is attractive and easy to maintain. The high fade haircut is a widely favored style. It features a comb-over top with high-faded sides and is often seen in crew cuts. This haircut is both appealing and easy to style, making it a popular choice among men.
  • Suitable for: Round, oval, and square face shapes.
  • Styling Tips: Keep the hair on top short and the sides cleanly faded. Pair with a well-groomed beard for a balanced look.

7. Curly Short Hairstyle

  • This hairstyle features short curly hair, which is easy to maintain and provides a naturally attractive look.When it comes to curly hair, maintaining a short curly hairstyle is both simple and attractive. Those with curly hair are often considered more appealing than those with straight hair. A short curly hairstyle, with the top hair at about 4 inches, provides a stylish and attractive look.
  • Suitable for: Men with natural curls and all face shapes.
  • Styling Tips: Keep the top around 4 inches long. Use curl-enhancing products to maintain the shape and texture.

8. Medium Length Pompadour + Short Sides

  • A modern take on the classic pompadour, featuring medium-length hair on top with short faded sides. This style is versatile and stylish. The modern medium-length pompadour is a stylish and versatile hairstyle. With longer hair at the front and shorter at the back, this style is well-suited for various looks. The pompadour has evolved over time, becoming more relaxed with medium, short-faded sides. This style stands out due to its unique approach to the classic look.
  • Suitable for: Oval, square, and heart-shaped faces.
  • Styling Tips: Use a heavy-hold product to maintain the volume and shape. Style the front hair upwards and slightly back for a classic pompadour look.

9. Modern Messy Comb-Over

  • A casual twist on the classic comb-over, this style features a slightly messy look. The messy comb-over provides a more relaxed alternative to the traditional clean comb-over. While a perfectly clean comb-over is suitable for many occasions, a messy version adds an edgy and cool vibe. This hairstyle offers versatility as it can be styled sleek or tousled depending on the desired look.
  • Suitable for: All face shapes.
  • Styling Tips: Style the hair clean for formal occasions or mess it up slightly for a casual, edgy look. Use a flexible hold product to maintain the style.

10. Blonde Dreads Hairstyle

  • Trendy and bold, blonde dreads are popular among celebrities and provide a standout look.Blonde dreadlocks have become a prominent trend, particularly popular among new rappers and celebrities. This hairstyle is gaining traction and is expected to receive a lot of compliments.
  • Suitable for: Men with thick, curly hair.
  • Styling Tips: Regular maintenance is key. Use appropriate hair care products to keep the dreads neat and healthy.

11. Short Textured Haircut

  • A universally flattering short haircut with textured layers on top. This style is safe and suits everyone.The short textured haircut is a reliable choice, suitable for anyone. It’s a favored style among celebrities as it complements various hair colors, face shapes, and ages. This cut involves very short sides and a 2-3 inch top that can be styled with texture clay or powder for a messy, stylish appearance.
  • Suitable for: All face shapes and hair types.
  • Styling Tips: Go short on the sides with 2 to 3 inches of length on top. Use texture clay or powder to achieve a messy, stylish look.

12. Classic Quiff

  • A polished and mature hairstyle that looks great with both formal and casual attire. The classic quiff is timeless and sophisticated.The classic quiff has been a favorite hairstyle recently, symbolizing self-care and a mature look. Whether paired with a suit or casual attire, this cut exudes class and confidence, making the wearer appear well-groomed and sophisticated.
  • Suitable for: Oval, square, and triangular face shapes.
  • Styling Tips: Use a strong-hold product to keep the quiff in place. Style upwards and slightly back for a refined finish.


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